bombay bicycle club

bombay bicycle club, originally uploaded by allofthiscanbebroken.

was just flicking through my Flickr (eh?) and came across this. it’s a disposable i took a while ago – i’m gonna go with may this year, just before we took our GCSEs – of Bombay Bicycle Club walking out of smithfields. me and my friend, louise (hi louise if you happen to read this!), were off to see them do a free acoustic set at pure groove records and just happened to (sorta but without conversing or anything) bump into them as we exited farringdon station. of course, we were both heading to the same place and so ended up walking sort of side by side. we couldn’t believe our great timing (seriously, it was pure coincidence!) but we were a little cool about it seeing as we had met them twice before already and i think they recognised us as we strolled through the darkness of smithfields together. anyway, i was dying to take a picture especially seeing as my camera was in my hand. we managed to slow down which led me to capture this just as they walked out. sadly, ed isn’t in the picture, but i like it!

the band were holding a lot of their instruments. we kicking ourselves afterwards for not offering to help out which could have gotten front seats. we had gotten there quite late and, with the place packed, ended up having to stand right at the back. it was ok for louise cos she’s pretty tall and all (rhyme!), but much hard for me. thankfully, this guy sitting on a chair behind me offered me is seat -to stand on. i wouldn’t have enjoyed that gig as much if it weren’t for him. one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done 🙂

so today, it’s the first of my two wednesdays into the christmas holidays and all i’ve done is watch tv and films and read.  i shall start work tonight. now i’m off to have a  much-needed bath – that’s after i’ve watched this t4 movie special on that film Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black that’s out sunday(?).  it looks awesome! (EDIT: turns out it’s actually pretty bad :p)


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