Jasmine’s Christmas Song of 2010 Award

didn’t you know? it’s christmas eve! which means… time to give out my award for my favourite christmas song of 2010. just a way of sharing with you the songs that make my Christmas that little bit more special each year! so, without further ado, the nominees for the year 2010 are:

Gabriella Cilmi with Warm This Winter
the one that featured nicely in the co-op advert
sadly, the record label won’t allow any of the youtube videos to be embedded so i’ll just to give you boring old link!

Ellie Goulding with her Elton John cover of Your Song
sorry, another advert song, this time for John Lewis. lovely video, i might add 😀

a-a-and Coldplay’s Christmas Lights! nice to see them back and psychologically taking us to Oxford St at Christmas time

the winner is (ooh the tension and excitement!)

*long pause*

no peaking!

the winner is…

Coldplay with Christmas Lights yay!
i must say, the song did take a while to grow on me but those are always the ones i end up liking most. the little piano riff never fails to gets me and always makes me happy when i wake up to this song on the radio in the morning. i just want to keep that moment, lying in bed, and make it last as long as i can.

well, that’s it for Jasmine’s Christmas Song of 2010 award until next year. hope you had fun and Merry Christmas (you arse, thank god it’s our last… enough with the music!… sorry 😦 )

‘but what was 2009’s?’ i hear you eagerly ask. i can’t really say because this actually an unprecedented occasion which is here to stay of course. but if i had given one out it would have to Laura Marling’s Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)

certainly a future classic for me 🙂 enjoy!


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