Twenty Eleven


bookish, originally uploaded by tinyearthquakes.

indeed, tomorrow you shall wake up and most probably find yourself lying comfortably under your duvet as you would on any other Saturday morning (but hopefully not hungover in place you hardly recognise!) and not feel even the slightest bit different. but wait: nothing is the same. why? because – yep, you’ve guessed it – you’re in 2011. you’re in a whole new year. a new year for new beginnings and feeling so ambitious, you could sign yourself up for a sky dive – right now!

like many of us, i’m total sucker for breaking new year’s resolutions. i remember last year starting my own project 365 and having it all fall into pieces after just the first few days. did come out with a few good photos but i guess those things are only for strictly committed photographers and i wasn’t one of  them (but don’t want to put you off having ago, too).

anyway, instead, i’ve compiled a list of things i shall do or do more often… that most certainly, in any way, shape or form, are not synonymous with new year’s resolutions:

1.) WORK. work, work, work. everyday after school, you shall work.

2.) WordPress as much as you can!

3.) take more notice of current affairs so much that you can answer every question in the big fat quiz of the year 2011.

4.) get the best grades you can in your AS levels so that you can apply to good unis!

5.) finally buy that mac you’ve always wanted

6.) read.

7.) turn on time for school (it’s a big one)

we shall make it one epic year and, most importantly, we will not mess up!

and so, tonight shall be spent the usual way: sitting on at home watching some fireworks light up the sky in different parts of world as well as at the southbank along with numerous shots of big ben striking twelve from every angle possible on my telly. oh and singing to myself the smiths’ ‘there is a light that never goes out’ over and over – take me out tonight, where there’s music and there’s people, and they’re young and ali-i-ive! not to mention, on top of that, we’ve got jools holland’s annual hootenanny to take us into the new year! (genuine excitement, it really does make new years special)

for those of you who will be out partying or even possibly rocking out at that foals gig on tonight at the flowerpot in london, the guardian have made a nice little new years eve survival guide to help get you through your night without making a fool of yourself! thought it was pretty funny:D

So farewell, 2010, i’m going to miss the solidness of your name and of course, your ability to churn out some great music (cheesy, albums/artists of 2010 blog? meh, there are too many of these! might go for artists to look out for 2011 instead though) and hello 2011! i look forward to your reciting your formidable name and the first few days when friends and i will put a 10 at the end of our date in our exercise books by accident at school and then laugh hysterically about foolish we were to do such a thing. aah.

p.s. picture has nothing to do with 2011 really; i just really like it!


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