That’s right, I am back!

Warm, woody and full of books, originally uploaded by Pomelo ♥.

now, how do i start?… how about where i went?

well, the truth is; nowhere. i have been at home, sitting at this very laptop everyday, but not once logging onto wordpress who quietly sat in the corner and never once shouted at me for attention; but prayed in its woeful silence that i just might one day come back. six posts in and already on a hasty hiatus. i apologies: to the site and, of course, to you guys, my abundance of loyal subscribers (:P). but don’t worry, it’s all good, because i am back – bigger (i’m pretty sure i grew a few mms) and better than ever (i am older and therefore wiser!)

though i have been at home, very much has happened (this isn’t normal). so much that it won’t fit all into one post so i have decided to, using my highly advanced further maths skills, divide them neatly into separate posts. here’s a taster of what exciting tales are to come…

1.) i have moved out – into the attic! well, the loft from now on. yep, i have my own ikea-ified room to jump about in and go absolutely crazaaayy. i’m sitting in right now as a matter of fact, with amplified raindrops keeping me company 🙂

2.) i have decided what i want to be when i am all grown up. all grown up into a stinky adult (sorry!). no, it’s not something out of this world – like an astronaut!; it’s something incredibly mundane actually. no, more mundane than that. let’s put it this way, you’ll probably hate me for becoming this. ‘what do you mean? i hate you now…’ ohh hahaha -.- yeah, i should stop talking to myself

3.) umm, wow, maybe it wasn’t as much as i thought (too good to be true?). oh yes, remember that ‘artists to look out for in 2011’ post i said i was going to do? it’s here, almost a 1/6 into the year, but it’s here. and accompanied by a sparkling spotify playlist (download, now!).

4.) speaking of the last post, i’ll be revisiting my list-of-things-i-shall-do-or-do-more-often and finding out how they’ve been going… well, let’s face it, they were new year’s resolutions and the people on the radio are right: it’s an utter waste of time! 😛

5.) and lastly, we’ve almost met the end of awards season, so i’ll being having a look at how those went. and there’s some tres exciting (for me) music news awards-wise!

there you go, be sure to check back and see you soon! (this time i’m serious)

EDIT: yes, yes, hahaha. this was all a fail (apart from 3, which for some reason was left in my drafts!). 😛


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