Catsitting, originally uploaded by Daniel Jacques.

this has to be the loveliest thing i’ve seen all day. ok, so it’s still the morning, but the weather was fab – in contrast to the miserable… plethora(!) i was forced to step out into yesterday – so to beat that, it’s got to be awsum! makes me want a cup coffee (neither good nor bad)

i should really be doing some work rather than going straight on the laptop and listening to some katie melua (my sister heard it from the bathroom and thought it was someone singing outside with a really good voice aha) while having steve allen on lbc on! and i should also go get some breakfast. i’ve always thought breakfast first then work – cos you need the ‘fuel’! – but come to think of it, breakfast is just one big distraction. food in general really: food means tv which means getting into a programme (anything but hollyoaks of course) which then leads on to watching others meaning time being consumed and consumed like water going down a plughole. ramble, ramble, ramble… 😛


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