exams are over – hurrah! i mean, starting applying-to-university things – eek!

so my exams ended about three weeks ago. and indeed, it was a long, grueling process. there have never been more times within one day where i’ve wanted to completely submerge myself into my duvet and teleport into another dimension!

on the other hand, i must admit that during exam period, i had never been more on form. believe it or not, but doing non-stop calculus – this includes differentiating and integrating; trigonometric functions, exponential functions, composite functions, more functions you don’t care about… moving on! – and revising economics definitions as well as mini geography essay writing, is actually very good for the brain. yep, i had never felt wittier. the world around me would just make so much sense – at lightning speed! feeling slow? revise! (even if you don’t have exams….)

sadly, though, ever since they (they.) ended i have done nothing – absolutely nothing – but waste time like i never  have before (if you’ve heard of tumblr, you’ll know what i mean). and as a result my brain power has gone from the tip of a drop of a rollercoaster (or in mathematical terms; the maximum) to rock-bottom in the space of those three weeks and at an increasingly fast rate! hence why this post, currently, is sucking. but moving on to the important stuff…

university. it always felt – just like many other future prospects – so far away, and as if the day you apply will, almost, never come. and because of this, you’ll think: i have loads of time to prepare and think about it all!

but then all of a sudden, it’s popped up on you like a rain drop from the leaf of tree falling on your head post-torrential-rainfall: already, we’re having to make our university choices, visit open days – none of which i have done, register our UCAS accounts, and, possibly most importantly, write our personal statements!

who’d have thought doing such a thing would be so difficult?! i mean, writing about myself. i do it all the time. i’m doing it right now. me, me, me! so, why, may i ask, must one only sit there staring at white blank page (mumford) when asked to write about oneself and a subject or two one is passionate about? well, they do say the person we know least is ourself (or something like that).

i’ll be applying for maths and economics courses,  and so far, i have a brainstorm – i mean, mind map! – full fairly decent ideas to include. they’re cat-poo compared to the amazing attributes and extra-curricular activities i’ve come across on the glowing personal statements on the internet but hopefully the reader will take pity – probably not.

i need to; be original – not cliche, interesting – not skills-listing, and sound as least arrogant as possible – i need to reduce use of the word I.

yeah, i can so0oo do this.

should go and get on with it rather rambling and ranting about it. by july 17th we’ve got to go and show our final pieces to the sixth form head, who i’ve heard will absolutely butcher it, and one’s self-esteem in turn i guess! ahhh ><

on a lighter, more relevant to the world and general internet users – and of course not remotely related to this post, crazy (literally) alternative pop (i don’t really know what it’s called :P) sensation Björk is back and features in the 200th issue of Dazed and Confused


awesome! (is that word at the end of a post patented??)



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