the music for 2011 playlist

yes, it’s been quite a while since my last post but i am still here! just to update you,  i have an awful, awful cold – probably contracted from the abundance of little kids in my school (i attend a sixth form, why?!) – and stink of this fake vicks my mother bought called ‘Peach, Vapour Rub’ – tuh, the tub looks exactly like Vicks! oh and not to mention the stream of snot currently trickling down from my nostrils and into my mouth *goes to grab a tissue* … wait, all gone?! nooo. must resort to old, used up tissue… ooh not good!

ok, all is well (ran to the kitchen to grab a not-so-nose-friendly kitchen towel – but at least the snot is gone! :D). anyway, back to the important stuff.

as the title suggests this is where i reveal my new music for 2011 playlist. ‘but it’s already march, we’re well into 2011’ i hear you say. uhuh, i hear ya, and i. am going to respond to that by saying, ‘there’s never a beginning or end for new music. music is being created everyday of every week. even as i type this a young university student is out there sitting on their laptop in a cramped up halls room, possibly putting together the greatest tune ever to hit your ears!’ ‘touche’ is what you’re thinking, ri-ight?

so, here’s the playlist, just click here (i love making ‘click here’s). it’s on spotify so you’ll have to download if you haven’t already – i can asure you that  it will be worth it once you do.

it’s got all the obvious ones such as Mr James Blake, who, by the way, attended my school… yuhuh, The Naked and Famous, The Vaccines and Yuck, all of whom you may have come across on the bbc sound of 2011 list released at the beginning of the year (yeah yeah, the proper way of doing it!) or, if you’re really indie,


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