6 things I am grateful for (BuzzFeed style title – feeling trendy)

According to this Entrepreneur article, one tip for living happier is writing down what you are grateful for, so here goes.

1.) I am grateful for this house I am in. It is my parents’, and I get to live under it for free. And it is a good size. It’s a wonder how they came here from Bangladesh and managed to get this house not far from the centre of London with great transport links to it and a in a lovely area ( that’s currently gentrifying – mixed feelings but some positive – like I’m no longer bummed to come back to Walthamstow after a day at uni in the awesome city.)

2.) I am grateful I live in London. I recently had a job interview at *cough cough* British Airways *don’t mean to brag (didn’t get it though haha)*  and there was a masters students who had flown in from Austria just for this interview – and I was concerned about the hourish long journey I had to take on tube to get to Heathrow! She told me how she lived in Devon for three years worked as a hotel assistant to improve her English and then an Insurance company. She said it was her dream to live and work in London. It made me realise how lucky I am that I was born and brought up here, and on top of that, fit in with the culture and if I had to choose a city to live in , it would be London. To think she was prepared to leave her home and family just for grand-ness and excitement of London. I also mentioned to her how my uni – King’s College London – was located with its campuses lining the Thames – one at Strand, Waterloo  and London Bridge and a hospital (St Thomas’) at Westminster right opposite Big Ben. To me this is awesome but when I mention it to others they aren’t that wowed (maybe cos they’ve never explored or I am bragging!), but she actually gave me the response I was expecting and was truly amazed. And it SO amazing – why I loved uni. She was a nice girl – thought I would see her after, but think she was gone 😦 no – grateful I met her!

3.) The fact that it is September and the weather is still warm and that the Sun is currently out, with blue skies (of course). I truly hate the cold and depressing winters here (maybe cos I don’t wrap – my sister loves them – she actually stays warm). So I am grateful for this not-too-hot-not-too-col weather, and of course a climate where we can grow food and build things and do basically anything without hassle. I am currently looking at Iceland, and one thing that hit me was that there not much arable land meaning food is expensive and that they have to keep ties with neighbouring countries, but all the while keeping independence (resulting in their indecisiveness of joining the EU). And as a result a meal is about £20. I thought how lucky we are, without harsh weather ( same goes for many droughted countries of course). Can’t imagine living there. Although I don’t now what it’s like, maybe they are happy! I think there is good fishing too

4.) I was sitting on the tube once staring at the skin on my hands (nice way to start a para). This woman was looking at me, probably thinking ‘ what the hell she doin?!!’. I was thinking about how lucky I am to have such clear healthy skin. There are people who have all sorts of skin conditions, or maybe or had an accident or attack that has negatively impacted it. That really sucks! We take it for granted.

5.) My friends. I recently met up with some uni friends, since leaving uni in June 3 months ago. We never really went out because we would see each other everyday at lectures, but this 3 months away from them I really missed them, so it was great when they suggested it. It was really relaxing to meet up with them. They were all in the same place, experiencing the same problems – finding a job or what we want to do. We also talked about what others had been up to, and I felt so much more at ease. You’re with them and your class for 3 years, and suddenly you’re all alone. I noticed how well we all fit together too, which is something hard to find (there’s four of us – a nice number). I also should mention one of my friends who has been in touch with since we left secondary school. She is always there to listen to my problems, and I can tell her anything and not feel judged. she’s aweomse, and makes me happy, let’s me know I always have someone there for me (also my other friends too, but pre-uni too!)

6.) My healthcare. I really don’t know if should give a quick mention or make a whole post. But I think I’ll do it now, as I ‘m the mood. We have the NHS here in the UK, which means free healthcare ( or if you want, taxpayer’s money). It’s one of the best things about this country. My family in Bangladesh have sadly been having some health problems, which are costing a lot money, for simple surgeries we could get easily freely get in the UK. So my mum collects donations from her friends and herself to send back home. Imagine being sick and not having the money to get you through. One family member has been going through a lot of pain, who we are collecting for. I was ill last year, and the only option was to try this £2000 drug (which worked) and they gave it me free (my mum complains it’s out of her taxes but it’s fair). That would really have set us back if it wasn’t for that. And I can’t be more grateful for that and all the doctors and nurses, and everyone behind them, who have treated me. I also have a great team, particularly my doc and pharmacist, at my current hospital who are doing a fantastic, flawless job. My life would be even more mess without them.

There are many more things I could talk about here, like the technology I ‘m using this to write, and internet (we all know how awful it is when that’s gone, pus you can learn anything!), the fact I’m not hungry or thirsty *sips water*, my eyesight, hearing, touch. my nails and hair and of course, my education, but I would be here all day. Hope you enjoyed reading (I don’t know). Think about what makes you happy! have a good week 🙂


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