My name is (whaaah! my name is whahh! wickiwicka) Jasmine. I’m sixteen and live in London. This here is just a blog I set up to keep me writing. Yep, just to keep me writing. I know it sounds silly but ever since I left secondary school I’ve, well, forgotten how to write! It’s ok, I’m still in education (I’m no Lord Sugar 😦 ). I’m studying A levels in Maths, Economics, Geography and *cough*Further Maths*cough* which explains perfectly why I’m losing my ability to even write a proper sentence. Though I love it very much, doing Maths 50% (such a gift!) of the time can have a severe negative effect on one’s literacy. it’s proven. not really, but I’m good proof! Anyway, I’m rambling on, ignore me, just like you shall ignore this waste of space on the internet. I’d make it private but then there’s no fun in that, might as well keep diary! 😀 so i apologise for the bad language – not the swearing, i don’t think i swear… – but the literal blue blooded murder of the english tongue bluuh! (from that Jamie T song! also sorry for the eminem in the introduction, i couldn’t help myself :D)


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