That’s right, I am back!

Warm, woody and full of books, originally uploaded by Pomelo ♥.

now, how do i start?… how about where i went?

well, the truth is; nowhere. i have been at home, sitting at this very laptop everyday, but not once logging onto wordpress who quietly sat in the corner and never once shouted at me for attention; but prayed in its woeful silence that i just might one day come back. six posts in and already on a hasty hiatus. i apologies: to the site and, of course, to you guys, my abundance of loyal subscribers (:P). but don’t worry, it’s all good, because i am back – bigger (i’m pretty sure i grew a few mms) and better than ever (i am older and therefore wiser!)

though i have been at home, very much has happened (this isn’t normal). so much that it won’t fit all into one post so i have decided to, using my highly advanced further maths skills, divide them neatly into separate posts. here’s a taster of what exciting tales are to come…

1.) i have moved out – into the attic! well, the loft from now on. yep, i have my own ikea-ified room to jump about in and go absolutely crazaaayy. i’m sitting in right now as a matter of fact, with amplified raindrops keeping me company 🙂

2.) i have decided what i want to be when i am all grown up. all grown up into a stinky adult (sorry!). no, it’s not something out of this world – like an astronaut!; it’s something incredibly mundane actually. no, more mundane than that. let’s put it this way, you’ll probably hate me for becoming this. ‘what do you mean? i hate you now…’ ohh hahaha -.- yeah, i should stop talking to myself

3.) umm, wow, maybe it wasn’t as much as i thought (too good to be true?). oh yes, remember that ‘artists to look out for in 2011’ post i said i was going to do? it’s here, almost a 1/6 into the year, but it’s here. and accompanied by a sparkling spotify playlist (download, now!).

4.) speaking of the last post, i’ll be revisiting my list-of-things-i-shall-do-or-do-more-often and finding out how they’ve been going… well, let’s face it, they were new year’s resolutions and the people on the radio are right: it’s an utter waste of time! 😛

5.) and lastly, we’ve almost met the end of awards season, so i’ll being having a look at how those went. and there’s some tres exciting (for me) music news awards-wise!

there you go, be sure to check back and see you soon! (this time i’m serious)

EDIT: yes, yes, hahaha. this was all a fail (apart from 3, which for some reason was left in my drafts!). 😛


Twenty Eleven


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indeed, tomorrow you shall wake up and most probably find yourself lying comfortably under your duvet as you would on any other Saturday morning (but hopefully not hungover in place you hardly recognise!) and not feel even the slightest bit different. but wait: nothing is the same. why? because – yep, you’ve guessed it – you’re in 2011. you’re in a whole new year. a new year for new beginnings and feeling so ambitious, you could sign yourself up for a sky dive – right now!

like many of us, i’m total sucker for breaking new year’s resolutions. i remember last year starting my own project 365 and having it all fall into pieces after just the first few days. did come out with a few good photos but i guess those things are only for strictly committed photographers and i wasn’t one of  them (but don’t want to put you off having ago, too).

anyway, instead, i’ve compiled a list of things i shall do or do more often… that most certainly, in any way, shape or form, are not synonymous with new year’s resolutions:

1.) WORK. work, work, work. everyday after school, you shall work.

2.) WordPress as much as you can!

3.) take more notice of current affairs so much that you can answer every question in the big fat quiz of the year 2011.

4.) get the best grades you can in your AS levels so that you can apply to good unis!

5.) finally buy that mac you’ve always wanted

6.) read.

7.) turn on time for school (it’s a big one)

we shall make it one epic year and, most importantly, we will not mess up!

and so, tonight shall be spent the usual way: sitting on at home watching some fireworks light up the sky in different parts of world as well as at the southbank along with numerous shots of big ben striking twelve from every angle possible on my telly. oh and singing to myself the smiths’ ‘there is a light that never goes out’ over and over – take me out tonight, where there’s music and there’s people, and they’re young and ali-i-ive! not to mention, on top of that, we’ve got jools holland’s annual hootenanny to take us into the new year! (genuine excitement, it really does make new years special)

for those of you who will be out partying or even possibly rocking out at that foals gig on tonight at the flowerpot in london, the guardian have made a nice little new years eve survival guide to help get you through your night without making a fool of yourself! thought it was pretty funny:D

So farewell, 2010, i’m going to miss the solidness of your name and of course, your ability to churn out some great music (cheesy, albums/artists of 2010 blog? meh, there are too many of these! might go for artists to look out for 2011 instead though) and hello 2011! i look forward to your reciting your formidable name and the first few days when friends and i will put a 10 at the end of our date in our exercise books by accident at school and then laugh hysterically about foolish we were to do such a thing. aah.

p.s. picture has nothing to do with 2011 really; i just really like it!

Pink Umbrellas – Peter Jones Christmas windows 2010

Have a good Christmas Day, guys. It’s pretty bleak out but just remember that today only comes once a year and coldplay were just on top of the pops – only on christmas day! I don’t celebrate it so shall spend mine dipping breadsticks into a tub of Flora Pro-active  and drinking Shloer in front of Strictly. Good enough for me 😀

i’ll leave you with this totally awesome photo i saw on flickr ha. it’s official, pink is the new festive red!

now, The Grinch or or Shrek The Third?

Before you go, if you have time give this a listen!

Jasmine’s Christmas Song of 2010 Award

didn’t you know? it’s christmas eve! which means… time to give out my award for my favourite christmas song of 2010. just a way of sharing with you the songs that make my Christmas that little bit more special each year! so, without further ado, the nominees for the year 2010 are:

Gabriella Cilmi with Warm This Winter
the one that featured nicely in the co-op advert
sadly, the record label won’t allow any of the youtube videos to be embedded so i’ll just to give you boring old link!

Ellie Goulding with her Elton John cover of Your Song
sorry, another advert song, this time for John Lewis. lovely video, i might add 😀

a-a-and Coldplay’s Christmas Lights! nice to see them back and psychologically taking us to Oxford St at Christmas time

the winner is (ooh the tension and excitement!)

*long pause*

no peaking!

the winner is…

Coldplay with Christmas Lights yay!
i must say, the song did take a while to grow on me but those are always the ones i end up liking most. the little piano riff never fails to gets me and always makes me happy when i wake up to this song on the radio in the morning. i just want to keep that moment, lying in bed, and make it last as long as i can.

well, that’s it for Jasmine’s Christmas Song of 2010 award until next year. hope you had fun and Merry Christmas (you arse, thank god it’s our last… enough with the music!… sorry 😦 )

‘but what was 2009’s?’ i hear you eagerly ask. i can’t really say because this actually an unprecedented occasion which is here to stay of course. but if i had given one out it would have to Laura Marling’s Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)

certainly a future classic for me 🙂 enjoy!

Christmas means Catcher

DSC02121, originally uploaded by allofthiscanbebroken.

started reading this a few days ago, and it feels perfect. sitting on the carpet in my bedroom by the fire – radiator i mean – right between mine and my sister’s bed with just the right amount of winter sunlight poking through the gap in the curtains and just the right amount of shade to add to the calmness. all in silence. not to mention it’s christmas time, i’m now sixteen, broke up for the hols last friday just like the main character, holden caulfield (except he’s never going back to his school and has a bunch of other problems too), and the outside is blanketed in snow just like in the book at times.

it’s my second time reading ‘the catcher in the rye’ and it seems to be having a much greater effect on me than it did the last time. i actually feel sorry for him at times but, then again, hate him at others. this is weird, and never happens to me (i hadn’t been much of a reader until recently!), and i always thought it was pretty silly to actually sympathise with a fictional character in a story; they’re not real! when i was doing my GCSEs i used to write all this ‘crap’ in english lit essays about how the book affects the audience and encourages them to feel for the characters – ‘the author allows the audience to see the world from the protagonist’s point of view and build anger towards the antagonist’ blah – JUST because that was what you had to do get marks. but i guess now, i sort of really understand what i was saying back then haha. oh gad, my education was awful but i won’t all the blame on them.

though i’ve really been looking for books with good use of language and holden’s is probably the most inarticulate in order to make up for all the reading i missed as a child so that i can reach normal standards of a sixteen year old’s, i have found it quite impressive the way he expresses things and don’t really mind that it isn’t too creative with its language – it’s supposed to be that way (and there’s still time)! there’s no reason why you should listen to me, but i’m going to tell you to read the book if you haven’t already.

i was really reading into the book on the internet when i came across this on the guardian website.
you can take a look yourself so that i don’t have to repeat stuff :p (and i could tell where he was coming from although i think, like any many of today’s teenagers, with all the american tv i’ve watched (which is loads) including much set in the 50s i still manage to get a good jist of caulfield’s time – i hope), it wasn’t really the article that interested me; it was the comments. i love reading them cos they’re so varied and interesting – some ignorant, some insightful. my favourite was this:

When I read ‘Catcher’ for the second time in my late twenties, it was almost a completely different book to the book I was forced to read the first time formy highers.

With the benefit of knoweldge of historical context, I think the great motif of ‘Catcher’ is loss. The major theme is how post war America dealt with the loss of a generation by focusing on the future- building and making money rather than mourning the loss of hundreds of thousands of fathers, sons, uncles, cousins etc

‘Holden’s parents refusal to allow him to attend his brothers funeral, the cover up of his classmates death by the adults, his obsession with being a ‘Catcher in the rye’-one who saves children from falling off cliffs whilst playing all reflect on a Society that couldn’t and wouldn’t face up to the gaping hole in so many families and communities. Holden’s inarticulate rage comes from society’s seeming inability to deal with this loss.

If we avoid the usual ‘catcher’ cliches of ‘teenage rebellion’ and ‘nothing much happens’, we see that at the heart of the novel is a melancholic , deeply affecting study of one Nation’s post war trauma.’

a* level interpretation right there! something i could never and will never come out with 😀

bombay bicycle club

bombay bicycle club, originally uploaded by allofthiscanbebroken.

was just flicking through my Flickr (eh?) and came across this. it’s a disposable i took a while ago – i’m gonna go with may this year, just before we took our GCSEs – of Bombay Bicycle Club walking out of smithfields. me and my friend, louise (hi louise if you happen to read this!), were off to see them do a free acoustic set at pure groove records and just happened to (sorta but without conversing or anything) bump into them as we exited farringdon station. of course, we were both heading to the same place and so ended up walking sort of side by side. we couldn’t believe our great timing (seriously, it was pure coincidence!) but we were a little cool about it seeing as we had met them twice before already and i think they recognised us as we strolled through the darkness of smithfields together. anyway, i was dying to take a picture especially seeing as my camera was in my hand. we managed to slow down which led me to capture this just as they walked out. sadly, ed isn’t in the picture, but i like it!

the band were holding a lot of their instruments. we kicking ourselves afterwards for not offering to help out which could have gotten front seats. we had gotten there quite late and, with the place packed, ended up having to stand right at the back. it was ok for louise cos she’s pretty tall and all (rhyme!), but much hard for me. thankfully, this guy sitting on a chair behind me offered me is seat -to stand on. i wouldn’t have enjoyed that gig as much if it weren’t for him. one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done 🙂

so today, it’s the first of my two wednesdays into the christmas holidays and all i’ve done is watch tv and films and read.  i shall start work tonight. now i’m off to have a  much-needed bath – that’s after i’ve watched this t4 movie special on that film Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black that’s out sunday(?).  it looks awesome! (EDIT: turns out it’s actually pretty bad :p)

run, forrest


run, forrest, originally uploaded by allofthiscanbebroken.

the last day of school, homebound and strolling through the town centre alone. had just had a super snow fight with friends which to laughter over how crumbly the snow was (the hilarity!); every time we threw a snowball at someone’s back, we’d be like, ‘YES!’, but the person would just walk on without noticing a thing. so i guess the best way was to aim at people faces or compress and compress your ammo until, once fired, it hurts your victim and leaves them scarred nyahaha!

this was a nice picture took. someone just happened to running to their friend while i was taking it. didn’t capture it very well but i’m getting there 🙂